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Angove Street Collective presents Armadillo and Tribe Home, two of the most recognised names in Australia for quality ready-made and custom floor rugs. Armadillo have a beautiful range of 100% wool and 100% jute floor rugs to suit bedrooms and living rooms, and mixed wool and jute rugs for more high traffic areas such as family rooms and dining rooms. Armadillo rugs are made from natural and sustainable sources, are 100% handmade in a socially responsible way. Tribe home rugs are thoughtfully hand finished, offering a truly one of a kind appearance. No two rugs are alike, as they are carefully inspected and sheared using scissors to inspect each edge, stitch and weave. Angove Street Collective is proud to have a full range of large Floor-mat sized samples for you to take home and try overnight. As well as a number of items in our showroom which you can take home with you, Ambassador Home has access to all the best Australian furniture suppliers. Our expert stylists can guide you to the most suitable and beautiful pieces for your home.