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Sonoma Rug - Mallard



Sonoma, the latest addition to the Classic Collection, is Armadillo’s first experimentation with pattern, taking inspiration from aerial views of California’s verdant wine country. An abstract floral motif, rendered on lush blue-green tones, lends it unrivalled depth and dimension reminiscent of overgrown vegetation.

Hand knotted from richly dyed wool and jute, Sonoma comes alive as the light fades from day to night, its lustre subtly shifting in intensity to revitalise your sacred living space. The design is subtle and almost hidden up close, but can be seen from different angles in the full rug. Named after the Mallard duck, the rich colour is a petrol deep green and blue, with the warmth of the jute running through.

The beauty of a hand knotted rug is that each individual knot sits at a slight angle so your rug takes on a different hue and texture from different angles and lights. The true charm and energy of hand made, in your home.

“At Armadillo, we are driven by ethics as well as aesthetics. Each rug is made by hand from natural and sustainable fibres, using Fair Trade practices. Our rugs lie lightly on this¬†earth.”

Composition: hand knotted pile approx. 75% Jute 25% Wool. Shop now.