Jasper Knit Dune



Our wool chunky knit rugs are just like a warm wooly jumper for your floor.

Each piece of yarn is heavily felted and then expertly woven by only the best artisanal weavers into a variety of different weave patterns – it really is a masterpiece.
The Jasper is as luxurious as it looks, gorgeous underfoot and soft to touch. It will bring warmth to your room, adding texture and interest.
This rug makes a beautiful elegant but welcoming statement to your room.
The fibres of the wool are densely felted to ensure very minimal next to no pilling or fluffing. Any spills or dirt will bead up on top of the rug and can be dabbed or spot cleaned away.

Why choose wool?

wool rug is naturally fire retardant, dirt and liquid resistant and will last a lifetime. We believe wool is an investment in the long term.
Wool is a natural non-toxic sustainable product that will eventually break down unlike many other cheaper versions of rugs.

The Jasper Knit rug is available in many sizes and can be used in many room applications.

120 x 180cm
140 x 210cm
160 x 240cm
200 x 300cm
250 x 350cm
Not recommended for thoroughfare areas due to the height of the pile (approx 3cm). We would recommend the Jasper for living rooms and bedrooms.

60% New Zealand Wool with a bit of Viscose which is also a natural yarn for longevity and 20% cotton.

No anti slip required: The Jasper Rug is a heavy rug and has a backing applied to keep all the different weaves in place.

These rugs are made in small batches to support our workers all year round and sell out very quickly each time they are released.

Each rug is Goodweave accredited and certified to ensure that each rug is made fairly without forced or child labour.